Protest against Osborne’s cuts budget 5-6 pm Wednesday 16 March

Birmingham Against the Cuts is organising a protest on Wednesday 16 March from 5-6 pm outside Waterstones (next to the Bull Ring). The protest is already being supported by the Birmingham Library Campaign and the Peoples Assembly.

George Osborne has already indicated, given the deteriorating economic situation and thus probable lower government tax revenues, that the cuts in public expenditure will be more severe than previously projected.

Birmingham Council is planning £88 million of cuts in Council Services in 2016/17 but further drastic reductions will be demanded by the government as a result of new government cuts. The government is planning a 14% cut in funding for Birmingham schools up to 2020/21 which will involve large scale teacher and support staff redundancies. Are the large scale redundancies to be even greater? Local libraries are under threat, denying students the possibility of achieving their aspirations.

Osborne had planned to reduce the massive government handouts to higher rate tax payers who contribute to pension funds, many who avoid tax on their assets by building up large pension pots. But a vigorous campaign by the right wing press such as the Daily Mail promoting the interests of the higher paid and wealthy has forced him to retreat. Billions of pounds could have been diverted from the pockets of these rich people to socially needed expenditure on adult social care and Council housing – services desperately needed by millions of poor people.

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