Birmingham People’s Assembly Trade Union Bill protest Monday 2nd 5pm Waterstones

The Trade Union Bill is the biggest assault on our right to strike and organise for generations. It will affect every trade unionist, every campaigner and every worker.

The Tories know that it is the trade union movement that is the biggest potential force that stands in the way of their plans for five more years of austerity.

We already have the most severe anti-union laws in Western Europe.

But the Trade Union Bill is even more draconian. New ballot thresholds seek to outlaw nearly all national strikes. Pickets will be criminalised with picket organisers forced to give out their name to police, employers and the public – a licence to blacklist activists.

There are attacks on union facility time, moves to legalise the use of agency labour to break strikes and further attacks on political funding.

The Trade Union Bill will be voted on in Parliament on 2nd November. Let’s make it clear we oppose the bill and will defend our right to strike.

Protest called by Birmingham People’s Assembly

facebook event

People’s Assembly national conference

Saturday 5th December.

We will be electing delegates and voting on motions at the  next Birmingham People’s Assembly meeting, Tuesday 3rd November, 6.30pm, Midlands PCS office, New Oxford House, 16 Waterloo Street, Birmingham, B2 5UG (ring the bell for entry then it’s the 3rd floor).


We can send up to 10 delegates from Birmingham People’s Assembly. We will take nominations and elect delegates at the meeting. If you would like to stand for conference, but cannot attend the meeting, please email your nomination to If we have more than 10 nominations we will vote for 10 delegates at the meeting.

Where possible we would ask delegates to pay for their own delegates fee of £6.12, and transport, but if this is not possible we will find ways to fund delegates to attend. If you would like to sponsor a delegate there are 2 ways to do this – through Paypal – click here, or bank transfer – Peoples Charter Birmingham, sort code 60 83 01, account no 20239576.


Each People’s Assembly group is entitled to send one motion to the conference. If you would like to propose a motion please email by 5pm on Monday 2nd November (to allow us time to print them). We will consider all motions and the one with the highest vote will be taken to conference. Please check that the People’s Assembly hasn’t already got an existing policy HERE before submitting your motion.

Conference details here


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