Midland Metro Hospital PF2: Call out for action

Come to the AGM of the Sandwell and West Birmingham and Hospital Trust on the evening of 25th June (18.00 at Sandwell Hospital) to question and challenge the Trust Board on the true costs of the PF2.

The new Midland Metropolitan Hospital is due to open in 2018 and will replace City and Sandwell General Hospitals.  It will be the first Hospital in the country to be built under the Government’s revised PF2 scheme.

According to the Treasury £11.6bn worth of NHS PFI projects are set to cost £80bn over the lifetime of the contracts. The new PF2 scheme is still rigged in favour of the private sector and large amounts of money will continue to be paid by the NHS that will end up as company profits and in dividends paid to shareholders.

The Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital Trust is in the last stages of the procurement before the likely 30 year long contract is awarded at the end of the year to build the new Hospital and for ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

Users of the NHS in Sandwell and West Birmingham have a right to know about the true costs of this PF2 scheme.

  • What public consultation has there been over the terms of the Midland Met PF2?
  • Why is the procurement proceeding with only a single bidder for a multi-million pound contract?
  • Is the £13.2m cost of procurement the best use of public funds which could otherwise be used to pay for healthcare
  • Is it right that a private company should make a 13% rate of return from providing a public facility over a 30 year period?
  • Why did the Outline Business Case score down the alternative public option for financing the building of the new Hospital?

For more information read Eight things you should know about the new Midland Metropolitan Hospital!


Get involved in the Health Campaign of the BTUC by contacting btuchcc@hotmail.com


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