Council to axe half remaining jobs

Albert Bore has announced that 6000 of the remaining 13000 council workers will be made redundant by 2018. He blames the cuts in government grant and talks as if it is a done deal. But we know it can be resisted, and would be by any leader with the courage to lead a fight back.  You only need to look at Scotland to see that strong leadership can lead to concession after concession from a frightened Westminster establishment.

Birmingham against the Cuts will be opposing all proposed cuts in the consultations and on the streets. Indeed we are calling for increased spending in many areas. Successive government reports have highlighted that spending on children’s care, adult social care, and waste disposal is inadequate,. In terms of urban planning, public transport, regeneration, and job creation Birmingham is way behind other large cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Newcastle on Tyne. The record on house building is also pathetic.

We do not want services discontinued or services privatised or paid workers replaced by unpaid volunteers. We want leaders who will fight to defend our city, and if the current leaders will not do that they should stand aside.  They should ask themselves what benefit have they brought the city in two an a half years except for reams of paper and countless new committees for this or that regeneration project or service reorganisation.

Join us and Midlands trade unionists in protesting at the  coalition’s austerity policies on September 28th at 11.30 in Victoria Square.  the Council could go one better and cancel the venue for the Tory Party conference completely in protest at what they are doing to our city.


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