Birmingham City Council District Cuts Revealed

dec 5th draft B council house gradientDistricts of Birmingham City Council have started to reveal the details of how services will be cut as districts look set to lose nearly half their budgets over the next two years. What emerges from these documents is a clear strategy – re-allocate some budgets to schools and health, hope that others can become self-financing and cut orconsolidate buildings reducing opening hours across many services rather than ending fewer services entirely. Where there are reductions in staffing they will look to achieve this through voluntary redundancies. Consultation on these cuts is still to be decided by all districts.

Selly Oak

Download PDF with full details

• District Highway Engineers – £16,000

• School Crossing Patrols – £93,000 (transferred to schools budget)

• Local Car Parks

• Community Libraries – £145,000

• Management of the Community Chest and Ward Support – £49,000

• Community Development – £75,000

• Children’s Play Services – £80,000

• Sport and Leisure – being dealt with through Sports Transformation Process

• Local Neighbourhood Advice and Information Service -£20,000

• Your City Your Birmingham – £80,000

• District Management Support and Admin – 189,000

• Youth Services – £60,000

• Community Chest – £180,000

Controllable Net Budget £2.062m
Saving in 14/15 £700K

Saving in 15/16 £987K (cumulative)

Perry Barr

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Scan of original document

Services with savings:
School Crossings (transferred to schools budget)
Community Development
Neighbourhood Information and Advice
Business Support
Youth Service
Community Chest
Budget saving in 14/15: £449,000. Saving in 15/16: £592,000 (cumulative)

Hall Green

Download PDF with full details

5.9 The key principles of the savings plan are
• Operate the District Engineer service where possible at a cost neutral basis in
partnership with Districts in the East Quadrant
• Retain School Crossings but to be reviewed in the light of the new 20mph speed limits
• The District will consider disposal of car parks that are not covering costs through asset transfer, sale or new management arrangements with partners. A sum of £10k has been set aside for cleaning and maintenance within the Business Support budget for urgent works/cleaning during the transfer process.
• Retain Community Libraries at current opening hours
• No longer provide a District Ward Support function
• Where community centre sites are unable to operate on a cost neutral basis review asset management options including community asset transfer
• Retain Children’s Play Service but review the operation to address budget pressure from shortfall in income and fees for ‘playcare’.
• Develop a locally focused advice and information service integrated around the Community Library service where practical. The District will transfer the responsibility for homelessness delivery to corporate team in Adults and Communities – People Directorate.
• The District will continue to support Community Arts and seek to use the small budget to help attract match funding or additional support from local arts groups
• To review the operation of the Business and Admin support function and seek to reduce recharges as a result of reductions in staffing and premises resulting from the savings programme.
• Community chest total of £100k in 2014/15 to be equally apportioned to each Ward (£25k)
• Review of Youth Service model to make it more effective, with £60k of the 2014/15 budget to be top sliced for local commissioning.
• Continue to set aside £393k per annum within the District Support budget to pay down prior year overdrawn balances
• The District will continue to support the on going review by the Cabinet and Deputy Leader of the Fair Funding Formula.

The Hall Green District has a savings target of £1,098,000 based on its controllable budget of £3,674,009, for 2014/15 rising to £1,546,000 in 2015/16.


Download full details
scan of original document

Services with savings:
District Engineers
Local Car Parks
School Crossing Patrols (transferred to schools budget)
Community Libraries
Community Development
Neighbourhood Information and Advice Services
Business Support
District Support
Community Arts
Library Book Fund
Sport & Leisure (Transformation Programme)
Management Structures (GR 5)
Youth Service (TBC)

Budget saving in 14/15: £1,278,000. Saving in 15/16: £1,790,000 (cumulative)


Download cuts schedule
Download cuts report

Services affected:
School Crossing patrols (transferred to schools budget)
Community libraries
Ward Support
Community Development
Neighbourhood Advice Service
Business Support
Youth Services

The Northfield District is required to make savings of £677,000 in 2014/15 increasing to £940,000 in 2015/16


Download PDF of cuts report
Download PDF of cuts schedule

Services affected:
District Engineers
School Crossing Patrols (transfer to schools budget)
District Car Parks
Community Libraries
District/Ward Support Officer
Community Development
Sports and Leisure
Childrens Play Service
Neighbourhood Advice
Community Arts
Your City Your Birmingham
Admin/Business Support
Lifelong Learning
Youth Service
District Support
Grounds Maintenance
Assets and Buildings

The Erdington District is required to make savings of £710,000 in 2014/15 increasing to £973,000 in 2015/16.



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3 responses to “Birmingham City Council District Cuts Revealed

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  2. Check out the scan of the Perry Barr document and at the bottom of page 1 you’ll notice that three of the four wards – Lozells & East Handsworth, Perry Barr and Oscott – have agreed to reduce their Community Chest fund by £10,000 each to help reach the District’s target of £449,000 in ‘savings’ in 2014-15. The fourth, Handsworth Wood, refused, instead increasing the fundraising target of Oaklands Youth Centre by the same amount, a target it has no chance of achieving. Why would councillors knowingly risk the viability of the only youth centre left in the ward in this way? You may want to read ‘Who really benefits from Community Chest?’ (link here for possible answers.

  3. carole

    The city council twist the truth to meet their economic and political agenda all the time they do not carry out proper reviews or consultations they just bully their way no matter what why because they can as they are big and powerful and have the monopoly. Why do they not have adult conversations with their local residents ???? it is very sad as we could all work together how much are councillors paid ?why dont they work for FREE to help with the cuts ?

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