Criminal Barristers To Strike On Monday For First Time In History

June 2011, Justice For All demonstration

June 2011, Justice For All demonstration

Criminal barristers are set to mount a half-day strike on Monday 6th January in protest at the cuts to legal aid. This will be the first strike in their history, and is an indication of the damage that this government are seeking to do to our justice system. Whilst the worst parts of the criminal legal aid reforms – competitive tendering and defendents having no choice of solicitor – have been removed, thanks in large part to the opposition from the legal profession, the government wants to cut fees paid for legal aid cases by 17.5%, and have already removed legal aid support from many areas of civil law.

The Criminal Bar Association (CBA) defended the current level of fees, saying that

One of the common misconceptions is that legal aid is seen as a gravy train for barristers, who come from a privileged background and who all earn over £100,000 a year.

In reality 60% of barristers at the criminal bar earn less than £40,000 a year. They face earning fees as low as £20 a day, once the hours of skilled preparation, time in court, tax and clerks’ fees are factored in.

The CBA will assemble at 10am on Monday 6th January outside Birmingham Crown Court. The CBA message will be read at 10.30.
The members will move to St Phillips Chambers for a Circuit meeting.



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3 responses to “Criminal Barristers To Strike On Monday For First Time In History

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  2. diane

    no-one cared when:
    the jobless were sanctioned and forced into slavery (AKA work fare)
    the disabled and chronically ill were found fit for work (many dying whilst awaiting appeal)
    I can fill this web site with the effects that welfare “reform” has had on the precariat, suffice to say, no one cared or spoke out.
    Now it’s effecting the middle classes THAT’S DIFFERENT!
    What affects one “class” obviously affects the other, a solicitor a few mins walk from me closed because he mainly did welfare work and in Dec 2010 legal aid was unavailable.
    There’s going to be a knock-on effect on many professions, however, I’ll reiterate ‘no-one cares until it affects them’ and who will fight for your rights when there are none left to fight for

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