Report From Erdington Against The Cuts Planning Meeting

Dear All

I enclose a brief report on the Erdington Against the Cuts meeting on the 16th October.

1. Pete reported on the GMB campaign against Gove’s policy of sacking of classroom assistants which Gill Whittacker, regional GMB official, had spoken about at a recent Bham TUC meeting. It was agreed to support this campaign and organise a local public meeting on Wednesday 20th November with Gill as the main speaker. We would hopefully produce a leaflet with GMB assistance and leaflet local primary schools prior to 9 am and from 2.45 pm –3.15 pm. Stuart would check the availability of the Methodist Church and Bob suggested we lobby boards of governors of schools on this issue. Sharon volunteered to design the leaflet for the meeting.

2. Ian reported on progress with organising the Bham TUC conference on Saturday 22nd February at 11 am — 4 pm The Priory Rooms Bull St. Subsequent to the meeting the left wing NHS campaigner John Lister has agreed to speak. It was agreed we would organise a stall outside the Erdington Walk-In centre 11 am- 1 pm Saturday 16th November to promote the TUC NHS conference and Erdington Against the Cuts/GMB meeting on school assistants.

3. Stuart reported on Bham Labour Council plans to privatise some Leisure Service centres and transfer to community organisations if possible or close other Leisure centres. The Labour councillors seem to have no strategy to delay decisions hoping a Labour government will reverse any cuts but are selling off buildings including Libraries as a permanent reduction of Council services. We should try to find out what is happening to Leisure services in Erdington. Stuart will contact Josh Jones on this issue.

4. Stuart reported on Bham Against the Cuts plans to produce a campaign bulletin for the City Council budget consultation expected to be held in late Nov/Dec. Bob referred to a previous budget consultation meeting in Sutton Coldfield.

5. Tony referred to the Firefighters strike on the 19th Oct and the Royal Mail strike on the 4th Nov. It was agreed to support both if comrades were available.

Stuart Richardson
0777 156 7496


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