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Bedroom Tax Stalls And Leafletting In September

bbj-bedroom-tax-logo[1]There will be Anti Bedroom Tax campaign stalls on Friday 13 Sept from 12 noon and Sat 21st Sept from 12 noon

The Bullring Markets nr St Martins

We will also be petitioning, leafleting and signing people up for the Manchester protest.


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Keep the Library of Birmingham public!

library postcardA letter from the Library campaign to the Birmingham Post and Mail

As the city celebrates the opening of our new Library of Birmingham an unanswered question hangs over its future.

Sir Albert Bore was asked at Question Time at the Council meeting in July to ‘give a commitment that the Library of Birmingham will remain publicly run and publicly owned for the forseeable future?’

Instead of answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ Sir Albert gave a politicians answer and referred to the setting up of Strategic Management Board to oversee the new Library. He chose not to directly answer this very clear question.

£188m pounds of public funds have been spent on the development of the new Library and it is perfectly reasonable for the citizens of Birmingham to know whether the Council leadership intends to privatise the running of this service or not.

So in the week that the Library opens we believe that Sir Albert Bore should publicly and unambiguously answer this question on the public record.

Mary Pearson, President of Birmingham Trades Union Council
Jolyon Jones, Friends of the Library of Birmingham

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Birmingham Against The Cuts Open Planning Meeting – Sept 9th

The next open planning meeting of Birmingham against the Cuts will be on Monday September 9th at 6.30pm in the UNISON Birmingham Branch office at 19th Floor McClaren Tower Priory Queensway.
The provisional agenda is as follows:
1. Attendance and apologies

2. BCC Green Paper on Sport and Physical Activity and consultations.(see below)

3. Handsworth Leisure Centre -public meeting

4. Library campaign

5. Bedroom Tax campaigns

6. Plans for BTUC Health Conference

7. NHS demonstration Manchester September 29th

8. Peoples Assembly against Austerity – Public meeting October 24th with Len McCluskey, Selma Yaqoob etc

9. Consultation meeetings on Adults and Communities and Neighbourhood Stategy

10. BATC intervention into 2014-2015 Budget consultation meetings

9. Date and subject for next meeting

10. Any other business

The green paper can be found at
The implication would seem to be that leisure facilities in the wealthier areas of the city
should look towards private sponsors and management, whereas those in poorer areas will have to
try and make a case for NHS funding for their health benefits or face mothballing.

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