Save Handsworth Leisure Centre and Public Services!

13.01202Under threat:

Laurel Road community Centre
Handsworth Play centre
Newtown Pool and Fitness Centre
Handsworth Library
Handsworth Leisure Centre


Saturday 21st Sept 2.00pm
Laurel Road Community and Sports Centre
Laurel Road (off Oxhill Road)
Handsworth B219BP

Contact Sue 07818068856
or Al 07846490408



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2 responses to “Save Handsworth Leisure Centre and Public Services!

  1. rajah

    the city council since 2004 (when it came under Tory-Lib control) have shut down *every* residential care home in social services:
    elderly people, disabled people, young people (kids) etc….
    and so the Plan (“Big City Plan” maybe – probably you should check it out!) is that the city council provides NO SERVICES!! which is what the 2004 Tory-Libs told us: they want “a commissioning-only Authority”
    where everything is ‘bought in’ from the private sector.
    that is what has happened, and is happening still under Labour!
    the unions have to fight, and/or the local and other people have to get organised! this meeting is a great opportunity!

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