Erdington Against The Cuts Public Meeting – Keeping Our NHS Public In Birmingham

Erdington NHS meeting image SeptemberBirmingham people will have to get organised for a major fight to keep the NHS alive in the West Midlands. A major NHS funding crisis has been deliberately engineered by the Conservative / Lib-Dem Coalition government, and this is going to erupt between now and 2015.

Wednesday, 25th September 2013 7.30pm

Erdington Methodist Church Centre, Station Road, Erdington 323 GTX
(opposite the train station)
For directions telephone: 07771567496

Speaker: Terry Mandrell (Solihull Keep NHS Public)

Its purpose is to prepare NHS for full privatisation if the Tories win the next General Election in 2015. David Cameron’s claim to have inflation proofed NHS funding since 2010 is untrue.

These are the facts the U.K. Statistics Authority, using the Treasury’s own figures, has stated: “0n the basis of these figures, we conclude that expenditure in real terms was lower in 2011-12 than it was in 2009-10.”

Between 2011 and 2015, the NHS is expected to find savings (cuts) of £20 billion. This is equivalent to a cut of 4% each year, whilst NHS costs are rising by four percent each year because of increasing demand and more expensive drugs and treatments.

The NHS deficit will be £20 billion by 2015, rising to £30 billion by 2020 according to Sir David Nicholson.

By the end of 2013, many local Clinical Commissioning Groups will be running out of cash and have already begun to ration treatments for hernias, cataracts, hip and knee replacement surgery, varicose veins and trigger finger. Some Trusts are urging patients to go private for these operations.

In May A&E consultants went public and claimed that many A&E Departments in the West Midlands were close to collapse because of the up-surge in demand, especially from the frail and elderly.

There were too few A&E staff because Trusts have been saving money on staffing. Since 2010, due to cuts the number of acute hospital beds have been reduced by six percent.

Many hospitals have little spare capacity and their beds are full most of the time. Discharge into the community has become increasingly difficult because the, Government had cut the Social Care budgets of local authorities in real terms by 25% since 2010/11.

On 29th July of this year the Government’s determination to cut costs by using private contractors at £7.00 per call has led to the NHS 111 emergency telephone service to collapse.

A recent YOUGOV poll revealed that fewer than one in ten NHS workers feel the service ‘is safe in the hands’ of the coalition government, and that the main reasons for the reforms wasto increase privatisation.


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