Defeat the bedroom tax!

The Bedroom Tax is one of the worst policies ever – failing at a technical level as the housing benefit bill rises and doing so badly that even Conservative Party Councillors have voted to support a motion that the charge should be scrapped.

This story is about the failure at the human level of the charge – Veronica Kenning, resident of Shard End, unable to pay the tax, suffering from terminal cancer and not willing to move as she faces the final few months of her life. This is the unfair, unjust side of the bedroom tax – it is a failure of a policy at a financial, technical, human and moral level and needs to be scrapped now.
Join with us, the Birmingham Benefit Justice Campaign and Communities Against The Cuts, Birmingham Claimants Union and other groups fighting to get the charge scrapped.


Our post of 12th August reported that a Council official was coming to visit Veronica Kenning of Shard End on the 22nd August, regarding her non-payment of the Bedroom tax. Well, the visit has come and gone but nothing has changed, except she faces court action in 5 -7 weeks’ time.
 Veronica, 57, was adamant that she would not pay, and she still is. This is a moral stance for her, on behalf of the many others who find themselves in a terrible situation because of this unjust tax.
Since she was sent a letter on the 27th February 2013 telling her to pay £23.57 extra a week bedroom tax, she has found her situation severely traumatic. Not only is she disabled, but is dying of cancer. And now she has all this to worry about on top.
The statement she gave to the Council visitor made…

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