Report from Birmingham People’s Assembly Meeting

People's Assembly LogoBirmingham People’s Assembly met last night to build for the national Save Our NHS demonstration at the Tory Conference in Manchester on September 29th. The public meeting was a modest success with 42 people in attendance. Rose from the FBU was unable to attend but a statement was read from her was read out. She announced that the FBU are conducting a national ballot for industrial action to defend conditions and pay.

Martin Olgivie, from the Midlands NUT office, reported on the attacks on education by Michael Gove and numerous attacks on pay, pensions and conditions. He reported on regional and national joint strike between the NUT & NASUWT in the Autumn. He was also sharply critical of the Bham Labour Council undermining teachers conditions and attacking the agreements allowing union officers time off for representing members.

Terry Mandrell, Solihull Keep NHS Public campaign, spoke in some detail and impressively on the Coalition’s attack on the NHS and the previous practice of the Labour Party in privatising NHS services. At the end of the meeting after consulting others from Erdington against the Cuts I approached him to speak on the NHS at one of our meetings. He gave me his email amd I am sure he would be willing to speak in other areas of the City. I can provide his email.

Caroline Johnson, assistant secretary of Bham Unison, spoke about the drastic measures the Bham Labour Council were taking to implement its massive cuts programme.

Geoff Dexter from UAF urged all those present to support the anti-EDL mobilisation on Saturday.

There was a lively discussion from the floor with at least a dozen comrades speaking.

Finally it is hoped to meet on the 12th August, details will be confirmed later.



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4 responses to “Report from Birmingham People’s Assembly Meeting

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  2. Whiskymouth

    If it is a peoples assembly why is it dominated by the usual Union opportunists ? Most people in Britain 2013 do not belong to a union or have not had their cause served with any real meaning by them. A “Peoples parliament” seems to imply that it’s free from the influence of institutions and niche groups who represent a certain(shrinking) sector.
    Insituations like Unions and Banks would never tolerate(yep even in this sham of a democracy) a real peoples parliament where people can speak freely and debate openly without having to pander to the interests of Initiations.

  3. John Smith

    The EDL have nothing to do with cuts and are simply a matter of whether or not you support Islamism

  4. rajah

    what did cartoline johnson say? Tory-Lib coalition controlled city council 2004-12, and in social services they shut *all the residential care homes*: for elderly people, and young people; and people with disabilities, with barely a whisper from the union branch nor Section that caroline is a leader of
    is there a video record or something?

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