Why we are marching to Save our NHS – Birmingham People’s Assembly Public Meeting

On Sunday 29th September thousands of people will march on the Tory Party Conference in Manchester to say ‘Hands off the NHS’.. Come along to the meeting, join in the discussion, and get involved in building the demonstration.

Terry Mandrell, Solihull Keep Our NHS Public
Rose Jones, FBU national executive council member
Martin Ogilvie, NUT regional officer for Birmingham
Caroline Johnson, Birmingham UNISON assistant secretary

Wednesday 17th July, 7.30pm
The Priory Rooms, Bull Street, Birmingham
Contact us at: birminghampeoplesassembly@gmail.com
Facebook: ‘Birmingham Peoples Assembly’”



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2 responses to “Why we are marching to Save our NHS – Birmingham People’s Assembly Public Meeting

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  2. There might still be free health care in this country but, the NHS is definitely NOT the NHS anymore. The whole thing is numerous privet companies competing with each other to provide the cheapest in health care but still charge high prices. It wont be long before the government tell us that the NHS is to expensive to keep. We will then have to start paying more towards the cost of our health care. Before we know it, that will increase and we’ll be paying full prices for a cheap competitive service.
    The public sector in health care has almost gone. This is just a small account of what has already been taken over.
    Privet outside cleaning companies, catering companies, security companies, medical supplies, logistics, maintenance, even the buildings are owned by privet companies. plus, the amount of outside agency nurses that seems to be increasing. There’s so much more that is privately owned within the NHS than what I’ve just mentioned and all this has put the cost of running the NHS up and, put the quality of the services down.
    The NHS is already in the media about its failings, and like I said, it won’t be long before the government tell us the NHS isn’t working and is costing too much to run.
    Is it too late to save the NHS? Maybe, or maybe not.
    The first thing we need to do is stop this government from completely stripping the NHS from the public sector. Then, get this government out of the EU. Being in the EU prevents us form getting all the damage that is already done reversed. Under EU law anything that is privately owned can not go back in to public ownership.
    The only way to do this is by standing up to this government, by voicing YOUR opinions, letting this government know how YOU feel about losing our NHS. This is YOUR country, YOUR NHS, don’t let this government take it away from you. Stand up to them, join in and show solidarity, join in and march.
    There is an old saying, many hands makes light work. Well, many voices makes a loud noise, lets get together and tell this government, HANDS OFF OUR NHS.

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