An Inspiring People’s Assembly

A report on the People’s Assembly from Communities Against The Cuts


Over four thousand people registered for this gathering of anti-cuts activists in London, and, judging from the packed overspill rooms and extra marquees, most of them must have turned up. It was good to see a varying age profile and a high representation of women. It was also good to be part of a huge and inspiring event that detailed the onslaught on public services and jobs and discussed ways of fighting back.

Peoples Assembly 008

The first plenary heard Owen Jones call for civil disobedience. Frances O’Grady, the first woman TUC General Secretary described how “they are waging class warfare on us” and “the TUC will back unions on strike”.  Mark Steel ridiculed the idea that the poor were to blame for the crisis and that they should pay for it, in his inimitable style. Stephen Morrison Burke spoke a defiant and rousing poem.

There were fifteen workshops during the day. The…

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