Seven reasons to oppose the privatisation of the Library of Birmingham


In September the new Library of Birmingham will open to the public of Birmingham. This will be a landmark event in the history of the city and will provide a world class cultural and learning resource to citizens of Birmingham and beyond. Millions of pounds of our money has been spent on the new Library building.
But Birmingham’s Labour Group has betrayed this public vision. When they met in December they decided to privatise the running of the new Library. They have started a procurement process which could allow a private company to take over the running of the Library and make a profit from this great public service.
According to the procurement notice ‘The successful applicant will be expected to operate the Library of Birmingham (LoB) including but not limited to the City’s archive collection, support services for Community Libraries, the Mobile Library, Library Service at Home and management…

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3 responses to “Seven reasons to oppose the privatisation of the Library of Birmingham

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  2. The City Council has issued a Rebuttal statement on media reports on the outsourcing of the new Library of Birmingham. The Council is only bidding its time on the privatisation/outsourcing of the Library of Birmingham.

    The decision taken by Cabinet to outsource in December 2012 has not been reversed. The wording in the rebuttal says only that the procurement process is not being currently progressed, (not cancelled) and clearly states that work on the service specification will be developed once the LOB has become operational.

    This is a huge embarassment for the Labour Group leadership who committed themselves to a privatisation of a massive high profile project in an impossibly short period of time. The Council only went public on this by issuing a rebuttal through their Newsroom following our critical blog postings and press releases, they were clearly seeking to bury the news.

    This delay clearly provides major opportunities to kill this appalling privatisation off for the right political reasons.

  3. art van delay

    The “rebuttal” was apparently shared with staff at the library recently according to a source ,as was the activity of BAC on a recent Saturday. So now the staff know of BACs existence, where previously many didn’t know about it.

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