Iain Duncan Smith Visiting Smethwick Job Centre On Thursday – CANCELLED

THIS VISIT HAS BEEN CANCELLED presumably because they were worried about the protest.

IDS pants on fireSmethwick Job Centre are to have a ministerial visit on Thursday, with Iain Duncan-Smith, the minister for the DWP, the expected visitor. As the man responsible for the failing work programme, the impending disaster of universal credit, the bedroom tax, the continued screwing over of disabled people, a huge increase in the number and severity of benefit sanctions that leave people destitute, a real terms cut in benefits and generally all round lying about our social security system in order to destroy it, we are calling on people to be at Smethwick job centre to give him a warm midlands style welcome. We would particularly encourage claimants who have been “incentivised” to not get benefits to attend to thank IDS for his help.

THIS VISIT HAS BEEN CANCELLED presumably because they were worried abuot the protest.

So why is IDS coming to Smethwick job centre? Perhaps this job centre is the one in the west midlands that gave staff easter eggs for exceeding sanction targets, and he is coming to award someone their chocolate for depriving another person of food for up to three years.

If you can’t make it along on Thursday, one thing you can do is sign the War On Welfare petition which calls for a cumulative impact assessment on the cuts to disability benefits, and don’t forget the Bedroom Tax demo today at 12noon, outside Waterstones High St / Bullring.


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18 responses to “Iain Duncan Smith Visiting Smethwick Job Centre On Thursday – CANCELLED

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  2. create a picket line and make him uncomfortable,everywhere this man breathes,where his life becomes a bubble of entrapment for his own safety

  3. How I wish I could be there! Just read an articlle from 2002, caught out lying about his Qualifications!

  4. Darren Leigh

    You forgot to mention the shambles that is Universal Jobmatch !

  5. Spoilt for choice, material wise! Shame the effects aren’t so funny. Incontinence in doorways can be fun! Well, not actually ‘fun’ but hard to ignore.

  6. simon

    We could take a leaf out of what animal rights people do and just hound him

  7. smurfinator

    Although I can’t be there with you on the day, I’m wishing everyone taking part the best of luck.
    Making that arrogant cock feel insecure, as he’s made others to feel that way too. He deserves all he’s asking for.

  8. Please Enjoy the protest – with you all in spirit

  9. Tamzin

    FACEBOOK censored me from looking at this site…..said that it was SPAM then wouldn’t go to page!


  10. His DWP secret Police have being seaching all the web for info to see what is planned so it will now happen at a later date without the leaks? you can bet that FB Twitter have been warned to stop any leaked info being posted on their sites?

    • Enough of his own people cant stand him, I get regular messages from his disaffected staff keeping me updated as to what he is up to!!. He”ll be back and we will be waiting for him, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade, we wont forget and we wont forgive.

  11. papaDJ

    Perhaps he couldn’t afford the bus fare, on his £53 a week…Ah! No! He’s to cowardly to do that too!!

  12. Josephine jones


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  14. ECAP

    Video of Iain Duncan Smith being heckled when Edinburgh protestors infiltrated a hotel where he was giving a speech last month.

  15. I-spy

    Werent aware of him due to visit Smethwick he ended up at Handsworth JCP and I heard that he was hassled by a jobseeker who was escorted off the premises.Next time he cancels expect him to turn up at another site.

  16. Ian Duncan Smith

    Job Centre staff are members of the PCS Union. Bombard the TUC to call for these working class traitors to be expelled from the TUC. Let these job centre scum, get a taste for job insecurity and the disgusting way the human excrement that is job centre staff treats other people!

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