Birmingham Bedroom Tax Actions: Sat 13th and 20th April

Birmingham Bedroom Tax Demo March 16th (11)The next two weekends in Birmingham will see more action taking place over the bedroom tax which will see people charged for “spare” bedrooms such as those of the visiting children of separated parents, or rooms adapted for disabled children. On Saturday 13th, UK Uncut have a national day of action and the following weekend sees a national day of demonstrations with the Birmingham Benefits Justice Campaign organising an event assembling outside Waterstones near the Bull Ring.

Saturday 13th April

bedroomtaximage12noon Uk Uncut national day of action on the Bedroom Tax – meet at Pigeon Park. Facebook Event

Saturday 20th April

bedroomtaximage12noon Birmingham Benefits Justice Campaign, Bedroom Tax demo, Waterstones High Street, near the Bull Ring, Facebook Event

Together we can organise and defeat this measure – rent arrears will build up slowly, eviction orders will be expensive and difficult to obtain and councils could spend thousands on emergency accomodation for families evicted because they are unable to pay. In Leeds, they are reclassifying hundreds of council houses to have fewer bedrooms because doing this will save them money as compared to having people go into arrears and chasing them/evicting them for their debts.

“If the council is able to re-designate all 865 properties that we are currently looking at, it will mean the households affected will not have to find additional funds and will not find themselves in a place of hardship.

“The council will benefit from this scheme through the savings that could have been associated with the additional resources such as legal costs and additional staff that come with chasing rent.”

Birmingham City Council should do the same and pledge not to evict anyone who is unable to pay their rent as a result of the charge.



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