PCS Strikes – 5th and 8th April

PCS April half days strikesFollowing their strike in March, PCS continue their rolling set of industrial actions with a half day strike on 5th April, the day before the new tax year sees the top rate of tax cut for anyone earning over £150,000/year – the top 1% of earners, whilst people claiming in and out of work benefits see tax increases in the form of 20% council tax payments, extra charges for the bedroom tax and a real terms cut in their benefits. This will be followed by a half day strike on the 8th April for some departments that aren’t on strike on the 5th.

The strike action, which will start at 1pm on 5 April across the UK, will see tens of thousands of members in the civil service and related bodies walk out of their workplaces in the dispute over pay, pensions, and terms and conditions.

The government refuses to sit down and negotiate, so we must act. The latest action builds on the tremendous success of the 24-hour Budget Day strike.

All members covered by the national strike ballot – except those who work in HM Revenue and Customs, the Valuation Office or core Home Office – will take a half day strike on 5 April starting at 1pm for 3hours, 42 minutes.

All members who work in HM Revenue and Customs and the Valuation Office will take part in a half-day strike on 8 April which will end at 1pm when they walk in to their workplaces.

All members who work in core Home office will now take part in a one-day strike all day on 8 April. This has been called in place of an earlier planned half-day walkout on 5 April after Home Office management tried to scupper that action by threatening to refuse to pay staff for the whole day.

This action will mean that there will be disruption across the weekend. The action in HMRC is targeted to affect the introduction of the Real Time Information (RTI) system for Pay As You Earn (PAYE) taxation.

Pain for many, joy for few

The 5 April marks the end of the 2012/13 tax year. From 1 April, public sector workers will have extra pension contributions imposed, while from the same date millionaires are being given a tax cut by this cabinet of millionaires.

The strike also come just a few days after a new civil service performance management system will have been imposed, about which we have been invited to no meaningful negotiations.

Regions and branches are planning events across the UK to take place over that weekend in support of the national campaign and national overtime ban.



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