Birmingham Benefits Justice Campaign

bedroomtaximageThe Campaign for Benefit Justice was set up in February bringing together tenants, disabled people, trade unions, the unpaid and the low paid as one national voice to end the war on the poor. Birmingham Benefits Justice Campaign was launched on March 28th at a well-attended meeting addressed by Sian Ruddick from the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), Labour Councillor Josh Jones, Caroline Johnson from Unite the Resistance (UtR) and Bob Findlay of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC). The majority of people at the meeting were not aligned to any political organisations and a number were personally affected by the Bedroom Tax. There were passionate contributions from the floor which showed that there was a determined mood to resist.

The consensus of opinion was that the government’s vicious austerity programme and attacks on welfare were nothing short of class war and that we must unite together to fight back. There was a real sense that we can win over the issue of the bedroom tax, which will see many of the most vulnerable in society reduced to poverty and evicted from their homes but that there was a need for a strong, committed campaign which links up local groups around the city, lobbies local councillors and works with trade unions in order to resist.

We decided that we need to campaign in local areas where there is a high level of social housing and get local groups established. On Saturday 30th March we targeted Newtown with a petition calling for No Evictions and the re-designation of spare bedrooms as study rooms. 12 people turned out to help despite a cold wind and snow showers and there was a lot of interest – the fact that we had 4 people affected by the bedroom tax helping on the stall really made a difference. As a result people in the area plan to set up a local meeting soon.

The next stall will be in the Bullring Markets on Sat 6th April at 1pm, and a facebook group has been setup for people to discuss future actions. There will be a bedroom tax action on Saturday 13th April in Birmingham as part of the UK Uncut national day of action



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