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Bedroom Tax Meeting in Ladywood Tomorrow (Wednesday 1st May)

bbj bedroom tax logoFollowing on from their demonstration last weekend, Birmingham Benefit Justice Campaign will be holding a meeting in Ladywood to discuss the impact of the Bedroom Tax and taking action against it.

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Seven reasons to oppose the privatisation of the Library of Birmingham


In September the new Library of Birmingham will open to the public of Birmingham. This will be a landmark event in the history of the city and will provide a world class cultural and learning resource to citizens of Birmingham and beyond. Millions of pounds of our money has been spent on the new Library building.
But Birmingham’s Labour Group has betrayed this public vision. When they met in December they decided to privatise the running of the new Library. They have started a procurement process which could allow a private company to take over the running of the Library and make a profit from this great public service.
According to the procurement notice ‘The successful applicant will be expected to operate the Library of Birmingham (LoB) including but not limited to the City’s archive collection, support services for Community Libraries, the Mobile Library, Library Service at Home and management…

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Council Report Shows Impact Of Benefit Cuts

A report presented to this week’s Birmingham City Council Cabinet puts numbers and places to the horrific impact of the bedroom tax and benefit cap.

8779 council owned properties and 5600 social landlord properties are under-occupied according to the government criteria. Over ¾ of the tenants of these homes will lose between £10 and £20 per week in housing benefit and ¼ will lose over £20 per week (max £30).

Those affected are spread right across the city, but the worst wards are Nechells, Kingstanding, Aston, Shard End , Kings Norton and Weoley.

The report contains the following table showing the housing required to move everybody into the “right” sized properties. It is glaring that 5200 extra one bedroom properties would be needed and the city would have exactly 3 available! This illustrates the complete vindictiveness of the bedroom tax. People are being penalised for not making a move which is impossible. BATC needs to investigate the legal implications of this.
bedroom tax numbers affected
The benefit cap will affect a much smaller number of households, but much more drastically. 2116 individuals in 1351 households will have their benefit cut by an average of £88 per week. Many of these will also be affected by the bedroom tax. Based on postcodes of households affected, the report estimates that 60% of families with capped benefits will also be hit by the bedroom tax and 41% are already on the “troubled families” register. In other words it is the most deprived families in the city and their children who will suffer the most.

The areas affected are also those that are struggling already and the least able to cope with new problems. The effect on the local economy will be drastic with about £20m per year in benefit cuts which would have been spent in local shops.

BATC urges the council to avoid evictions by writing off arrears accumulated or reclassifying properties as has been done by other local authorities , We will be organising to stop evictions if they are attempted.

bedroom tax numbers affected by ward

benefit cuts multiple affects


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The sound of silence – an update on cuts to Birmingham Early Year services

Details of how £3m worth of cuts to Birmingham’s Children’s Centres and Early Years’ service were presented to April’s cabinet meeting to be met with absolute silence. There was no comment from Cabinet members or even challenge from the opposition Councillor’s present, and the cuts were nodded through.
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Strike At Hamstead Hall School Against Academy Proposals – Thursday

birmingham NUT#NUT Members at Hamstead Hall School will be taking strike action this Thursday 25th April, in relation to the proposed conversion to academy status. Picket from first light

Please rush messages of support and solidarity to Giles Thomas, NUT school rep at

We understand they are attempting to open the school for some year groups so there will be an opportunity to leaflet parents.

There will be a picket line from first light.

Address: Craythorne Avenue Handsworth Wood Birmingham B20 1HL


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Bedroom Tax Leafleting Session in Ladywood on Saturday

Bedroom Tax Demo April 20th (6)Birmingham Benefit Justice Campaign – Mass leafleting in Ladywood

Ladywood has one of the highest numbers of people affected by the Bedroom Tax in Birmingham. Join us in a mass leafleting of the area.

2pm, Saturday 27 April
Meet outside Tesco, Ladywood Middleway by Fiveways roundabout

Contact Us:


twitter: @bedroomtaxbrum

facebook: Birmingham Benefit Justice Campaign

Get involved:

Benefit Justice is uniting all those opposed to the devastating benefit cuts. By linking up we can challenge the government’s divide and rule tactics, and unite the millions of people hit by these cuts across the country. Mass resistance beat the Poll Tax and Thatcher, we can do the same to the Bedroom tax and Cameron.

  • Leaflet your street / block
  • Invite a speaker to your community / trade union meeting
  • Organise a local meeting
  • Lobby your local councillor and MP
  • Get in touch and we can help you with leaflets and speakers

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Birmingham Benefits Justice Campaign Bedroom Tax Demo Report and Photos

Bedroom Tax Demo April 20th (6)The campaign against the bedroom tax continued in Birmingham yesterday with a demonstration in the city centre attended by around a hundred people. Called by the Birmingham Benefits Justice Campaign, this followed action last week that saw the council chambers occupied by activists calling on Albert Bore and the Labour council to commit to no evictions over bedroom tax arrears, and the demonstration last month which saw hundreds protest in Victoria Square.

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