Erdington Against Cuts Meeting On NHS Walk In Centre Closure – Tonight

save our nhs wm square logoErdington Residents against the Cuts are hosting a meeting for two speakers, Patrick Highton and Ken Band, from the Save Our NHS Campaign at 7.30 pm Thursday 21st March Erdington Methodist Church Station Road (next to Erdington Rail station).

The meeting will discuss the recent history of the NHS as Patrick and Ken say in the leaflet promoting the meeting.

Over the last 30 years, the general direction to managing the economy has been to find ways taking the costs of the NHS out of the public sector balance sheet and ‘freeing up’ hospitals and services in ‘managerialist’ forms of cooperation through the formation of ‘trusts’ and independent units which need to ‘balance the books’ or use private finance to bankroll the delivery of health services, usually with an underlying benefit to the companies involved. The most insidious of these has been the Private Finance Initiative in which capital building programmes in ‘partnership’ with private companies has now left many hospitals in debt to those companies and ‘mortgaged’ to the hilt with expensive service contracts lasting 30 years or more.

They will discuss the local campaign work of the regional Save Our NHS Campaigns against the 2012 Health & Social Care Act in particular with the website “38 Degrees”.

The meeting will finally focus on the local campaign to stop the closure of the Erdington NHS Walk-In centre which from newspaper reports seems likely to go ahead. The closure of this centre is part of the reorganisation and efficiency drives in the NHS supported by the main political parties.

However there has been a high profile and active local campaign to save the centre even supported by supporters of the Coalition government whose efficiency program it is merely a local victim of.



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