Is The Council About To Throw Away Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pounds Buying Expensive German Wheelie Bins?

wheelie bin moneyWe’ve been told by a whistleblower in the council that the procurement for the new wheelie bins is looking likely to decide to purchase expensive wheelie bins from a German company, rather than cheaper ones produced in the UK.

When the council is cutting so much out of its budgets and making another 1,000 workers redundant, it would appear to be a perverse decision to spend more money not protecting jobs in our country. The issue here is not the bins being German, it’s about the extra expense – though there could be a jutsification for spending more money on locally produced bins as an economic stimulus, the same reasoning doesn’t apply to foreign produced bins.

A Birmingham City Council spokesman said:

Evaluation of potential suppliers is still ongoing and no decision has yet been made.

Our source says that a decision to purchase wheelie bins from the German company will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds extra, and comes shortly after we were told that private sector contractor Amey charge £2,000 to plant and maintain a tree on a street and huge overspends at Service Birmingham, outsourced to Capita. Is this council (whether Tory, Lib Dem or Labour) able to make any value for money dealings with the private sector?



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4 responses to “Is The Council About To Throw Away Hundreds Of Thousands Of Pounds Buying Expensive German Wheelie Bins?

  1. You’re speculating about a decision that clearly hasn’t been made yet. See the quote in the article.

    • Yes we are, hence the title being a question, the comment from the council being included and the wording of the article being what our source told us – “looking likely to decide”. Not has decided, or will decide. At no point in the article are we pretending a decision has been made, and if that wasn’t clear then if you could explain what you think makes it seem like we’ve said this decision has already been made it would be appreciated so that I can edit for clarity.

      Should we not be raising concerns during a decision making process, and just waiting until afterwards when it’s too late to change anything?

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  3. Sorry – I wasn’t suggesting that the article was in any way misleading, I just think that unless we’ve got something more to go on than the account of someone who says the decision will maybe go in a particular way, it’s a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing, and oversimplifies the decision-making process somewhat.

    I also disagree with the implication that price is the only criterion for a good procurement – we don’t know the other factors in the decision, which might well make a non-UK supplier the best option for Birmingham, whether we like that fact or not.

    Equally, the notion that the Council would be “throwing away thousands of pounds” suggests that the money could be spent on something else, when it’s my impression that the grant can’t be (although that’s no excuse for unnecessary profligacy, I admit).

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