Save Colmers Farm Leisure Centre

Colmers Farm Leisure CentreBirmingham City Council have stated that they plan to close the much loved Colmers Farm Leisure Centre as part of their budget cuts. Needless to say, the community of South Birmingham are dismayed by this news.

Lisa, a parent whose child uses the leisure centre said:

My own son, Zack who is 4 attends Football training there on Saturdays. He will be devastated if this closure was to go ahead.
The facilities are excellent there and cannot be matched by any others available to us (which are rather scarce!)

We understand the difficult positions that the Council have found themselves in, in terms of the money they need to save. However, this is exactly the type of Public service that needs to be ringfenced from these savage cuts.

The Government have expressed their hope that the 2012 Olympics will inspire this generation of youngsters to engage in sports.
Health Organisations are concerned at tge numbers of children that are overweight and do not have access to outdoor play.
So it beggars belief that in the next breath a bombshell like this is dropped on our community.

We would urge everyone to sign our petitions online at B31 Voices or they can sign the paper petition at the desk at Colmers Farm.

Let’s show the council that we strongly oppose this proposal and they need to look elsewhere to make their savings. Not just for my sake, not just for Zacks sake, but for the sake of future sporting generations.

Please sign the online petition at B31 Voices, join their facebook group or visit the centre to sign the paper petition and offer your support.



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  2. 0besity-Overweight-Fat. Excercise versus the non interested
    including Goverment and Councils, all through their own incompetence.


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