Combat The Council Cuts Summit In Liverpool On Friday

combat council cuts liverpoolA summit attended by cities who claim are being hit hard by government spending cuts is to take place in Liverpool on Friday.

Friday 17th January

Echo Arena, Kings Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool, LP3 4FP

The title of this Conference is to be called “Austerity with Fairness” and The city’s Labour mayor Joe Anderson and Anglican Bishop James Jones will host the event at the Arena and Convention Centre on 18 January. Birmingham, Bristol, Newcastle and Sheffield City Councils will all send representatives. This is part of the “fair deal for Brum” campaign, which is being mirrored in other cities that are facing cuts to their budgets far in excess of wealthier councils.

Liverpool Against the Cuts has called a demonstration on the day:

Liverpool Against The Cuts believes that Councils should not be debating what cuts are ‘fair’ and what cuts are not. They are all unfair, unnecessary and are symptoms of the government’s alignment with big business and big industry.

Councils are sitting on billions in reserves that can be used to resist the cuts, but councillors prefer to pander to Government, protect their careers and spread lies about what resisting the cuts would mean.

Representatives from anti-cuts groups for the council areas concerned have been asked to attend, and we will be going on the train on Friday morning to represent Birmingham and call for councils to set a needs budget and stand up to the madness of austerity economics, rather than simply accepting the necessity of austerity and implementing cuts which will be so bad for our city economically and socially.
If you wish to join us, please email and we’ll arrange details. A limited travel fund is available for benefit claimants/students to cover the cost of train tickets.

We say there is an alternative! We say fight the cuts!.


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