Save Birmingham Law Centre

This is from the Birmingham Law Centre:

Birmingham Law Centre is facing a very bleak future and may soon have to close. As with every law centre, we are having to deal with a massive reduction to our income due to the government’s legal aid cuts. However, unlike most law centres, we receive no funding from our local authority.

Please sign our online petition

We are meeting with the leader of Birmingham City Council, Albert Bore, next week to ask for help and to remind him that well supported and sustainable law centres are proven to relieve the burden on local authority funding by working to relieve poverty and social injustice.

At a time when increasing numbers of people are left with nowhere to turn, Birmingham Law Centre is in danger of being unable to help.

Please sign our online petition

We would also like to ask all of our friends to join us on Tuesday 8 January at 1.30pm outside the Council House as we lobby the full meeting of councillors to save Birmingham Law Centre. We have asked to put a question directly to the meeting.

Thanks for your support.


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