Saturday: Anonymous West Mids Tax Dodger Flashmob

dec8 011On Saturday, Anonymous West Midlands are holding a city centre flashmob in protest at the £25bn of tax that is avoided by multinational corporations and extremely wealthy individuals every year, which forms part of the £120bn tax gap that could replace cuts to our services to close the deficit.

1pm, Saturday 5th Jan
Victoria Square
. Birmingham B1 1BB
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“The government are quite simply taxing the poor to give to the rich”

We are organising a massive street party in the centre of Birmingham, on the 5th January 2013 starting at 1pm in Victoria Square, we are shutting down all the TAX avoiding shops for the day. It is in response to the tax dodging corporations on the high streets who have avoided an excess of £25 billion in tax. They continue to get away with paying nothing, while the public is increasingly taxed more and more. We are making a firm stand against this, it is time to rise up, it is time to take to streets for a party like no other!

We have support from many other activist groups and local businesses; we also have musicians, food and drink, a coffee store to setup outside Starbucks, magicians, streamers, banners, speakers, rappers, flags, a full blown party where all are invited and all are welcome. On top of this, the entire event will be covered by the media; we will be using this day to properly reveal the message of truth to the public. For too long now we have been given the false impression that we are powerless – but we are changing that. We are going to get the public on board with us, incorporate their views and give the people a voice.

We will not allow this corruption to continue. We call upon everyone in the UK to meet at Victoria Square Birmingham for 1pm and help us show solidarity towards the cause! We CAN make change, and we WILL. All are warmly welcomed and we gladly accept any help offered. This will be a day that the tax dodgers will never forget!

Ideas for things to bring: Cakes, Coffee, Food, Drink, Banners, Cameras, dancing shoes and if possible Balloons.

Jan5th – Expect us !



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2 responses to “Saturday: Anonymous West Mids Tax Dodger Flashmob

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  2. tigz

    what a day we had victory no arrests made wanna do it again

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