Special Meeting on Monday: “A strategy to fight the cuts”

Monday December 10th, 6.00pm at UNISON office 19th Floor McClaren Tower, Priory Queensway, B4 7SL.
Offices have level access and accessible toilet, children are welcome at our meetings. If you have any access needs please contact us and we will do our best to ensure you can attend our meeting.

The City Council will set its budget for the next financial year at the end of February. At the last meeting of Birmingham Against the Cuts we set in place some steps to mount a campaign against what has already been described by Albert Bore as a budget that will herald the end of local government as we know it. There is not much time for us to stop the dismantling of public services and we need to go above and beyond what we have done before if we are to win. Therefore at the next meeting on the 10th December we have decided that we want to encourage as many ideas and contributions as we can about ways we can campaign against these cuts. To do this we are going to have a slightly different format where we break into different groups to look at different areas. The exact nature of the groups may depend on how many people turn up and what the feeling is on the night.

After a brief introduction on the content of the budget we suggest the following areas:

– community engagement (including engagement of specific groups such as women, BME communities, etc)

– building links with voluntary organisations

– working on a timetable of activity and innovating ideas for activities

– propaganda/press

– engagement with the Council and Councillors

– developing support in the unions

Birmingham Against the Cuts will of course fight the cuts to public services to the end. There will be other groups around the City which will be fighting their campaign around their service. What could transform both our activities and other peoples is if we are able to bring all the campaigns together. As someone once said, united we stand, divided we fall.

We hope you will be able to join us on the 10th December and it would be great if you came along having given some thought to the topics above so that we can have as wide a discussion as possible.



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4 responses to “Special Meeting on Monday: “A strategy to fight the cuts”

  1. Steve R

    what is this video?

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