Connexions Lunchtime Protest Tomorrow

J30 Rally connexions 01 GDConnexions, who managed to stave off compulsory redundancies earlier this year through concerted strike action and demonstrations, are once again under threat and expecting to receive redundancy notices tomorrow morning.

Staff will be holding a lunchtime protest from 12noon – 1pm, outside their offices at Charter House, 100 Broad Street.

Connexions provide careers advice and access to training for young people. This service is particularly important at a time when youth unemployment is at record highs and the government’s own work programme is actually reducing people’s chances of finding work. With massive cuts at the council, Connexions may find their doors closing just as the people they help need them the most. It is important that we show community support for this organisation to show the council that we do not want them to cut it.

If you can make it along or pass by on your lunchbreak, then please do.

Thanks to everyone who came to the autumn statement demonstration tonight – report and photos tomorrow.


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