Albert Bore – Join Us In Opposing Austerity

Albert Bore bemoans “the end of local government”. However he was aware when elected that the coalition government intended to destroy the services on which people in Birmingham and other cities depend. The question is what he intends to do to stop this.

He talks as if handing over leisure, sport, culture, libraries, and youth provision to the profiteers is already a done deal. No one in Birmingham has voted for this or supports it. [Everyone knows that privatised Harborne baths is the most expensive in the city to use.] Update: That Harborne baths is more expensive is in fact a myth, as Martin Mullaney has drawn our attention to in the comments below. Apologies for our mistake.

Birmingham against the Cuts certainly intends to continue to oppose all cuts or privatisation of services , whether those provided by central government, local government or the health service. We will use all means at our disposal including court action, propaganda, mass activity, and civil disobedience.

If Albert and the Labour Council want to join us they are welcome. They are the council elected by the people of Birmingham and they do not have to go down this road. But if they continue to do the coalition’s dirty work destroying our services we will fight them and we are sure many people in the city will support us.

Perhaps Albert can start by finding the £120,000 necessary to keep open the CABs in Northfield, Tyseley and Kingstanding.

Godfrey Webster, Secretary, letter to the Birmingham Mail, printed Monday 5th November.

Birmingham against the Cuts


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6 responses to “Albert Bore – Join Us In Opposing Austerity

  1. Daz Smith

    If Albert Bore was on the side of the workers why is it alleged that when a friend of his (grade 7) was threatened with redundancy, Albert stepped in and promised to find them something to do?

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  3. Your claim that Harborne baths is the most expensive to use is wrong. Their entrance price is the same as all the other baths in Birmingham. See my blog at

    • Hi Martin,
      I have checked and you are right – the article has been updated to draw attention to our mistake. I apologise for the error. However the reason it is an accepted myth is that a more expensive worse service is most people’ experience of privatisation eg Railtrack, rail franchises, gas, electricity, and water and sewage to name but a few.

      Godfrey Webster

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