Support European Trade Unions on 14th November

On 14th November, people across Europe will taking part ina day of action against austerity, with general strikes in Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal.
A solidarity event for Birmingham has been called by the Green Party, and will take place from 1pm-2pm outside the council house on Wednesday 14th November.

Please join and invite your friends to the Facebook Event

Councillor Will Duckworth said:

I feel that the unnecessary austerity measures being imposed by the Con/Dem government are relatively benign compared to the extreme measures being forced onto the workers in other parts of Europe by the Troika. We must stand together with our European comrades and show the bankers hench men that we can’t pay and we won’t pay for the failure of the greedy capitalist system.

We ask everyone who can go down to attend to show solidarity with people in Europe suffering greatly as austerity pushes their economies further into a depressionary spiral, with demand continually falling as people lose jobs and income, leading to businesses closing and the deficit rising. This then causes more cuts and more job losses and makes things worse not better. The alternative is to invest in the economy, to build infrastructure we need for a sustainable society, and to stimulate demand.

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