Increased Council Cuts Destroy Jobs Promise

Albert Bore and the Labour Party were elected in May 2010 to run Birmingham Council making the following pledge listed first on their pledge card.

“Our pledges to you

Tens of thousands of new jobs and apprenticeships” (emphasis in the original)

Only six months later the headline of the Birmingham Post is

1,000 Council jobs face axe

The article reports Albert Bore justifying the need to sack at least 1,000 Council workers in the next four years.
One may ask where are these “tens of thousands of new jobs..”? Did Albert deliberately mislead the Birmingham public to get elected? The truth is of course he will be axing thousands of jobs rather than creating them.

The article continues on Albert’s plans for many Council services

“All other services, including leisure, sport, culture, libraries and youth provision, are likely to be out-sourced to either private companies or third sector groups.”

As will be obvious there is no commitment in Albert’s pledge card given out BEFORE the election to privatise a large part of the Council services. After the fiasco of G4S at the Olympics why is Albert arguing that services can be better provided by private companies than properly trained Council employees?

Unfortunately this commitment to privatise public services is not new by the Labour Party. Voters in the Police Commisioner election should be clear Ed Miliband has supported the privatisation of all police services except the police constables and other police ranks.

Stuart Richardson

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