FREE Coach Seats Available For October 20th Demonstration

Great news from Birmingham Trades Council and some of the other unions, there will be free coach spaces available for anyone who is unwaged or low paid and not unionised to go down to the TUC national demonstration for A Future That Works on October 20th in London.

Spaces are limited and you will need to book them – speak to Stuart on 07771 567 496 to book a space.
These seats are available to anyone who is unable to afford to pay for a seat on one of the union coaches, as no-one who wants to attend should be unable to simply because of money.
Many unions have coaches going down, so if you’re in a union you should contact them to book a space on their coach.

Other coaches are being run by unions, please contact them directly if you are a member. If you’re union is not listed here, speak to your rep and ask them whether they have a coach going down. If not, email us at and we’ll arrange a seat on another union’s coach.

Birmingham NUT: 0121 442 2031 or 07506 894 825
Midlands PCS: 0121 643 4342
Unite 0121 553 6051
Birmingham Unison 0121 200 3331
Midlands FBU 0827 300 036
Midlands NASUWT 0121 232 9400
Birmingham CWU 0121 503 4661
Birmingham TUC 07771 567 496

And join hundreds of thousands of others in London for a demonstration against austerity, for a future that works.



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10 responses to “FREE Coach Seats Available For October 20th Demonstration

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  3. steve

    are the union coaches free for union members?
    what about ex-members? there are quite a few of them at my new social services workplace where has any faith at all in any of the unions (and why would they have?)
    am not paying to go and walk from A-B in central London on a Saturday lunchtime, then listen to our so-called “leaders” talk rubbish before getting back in their chauffeur-cars and their lives of purpled-ease

  4. You’d have to ask the unions those questions directly, I have no idea and imagine it would vary from union to union.

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