TUC Looking For People To Speak To Journalists About Effect Of Cuts

From the TUC:
Hi with October just around the corner, it means there’s just three weeks to go before our big march and rally takes place. That’s why the TUC media team would be grateful for any help you can offer in finding people who are coming to London for A Future That Works.

The TUC is on the lookout for marchers who would be happy to talk to print or broadcast journalists about why they are coming on the march and whose stories can help us get the message across as to why the government’s austerity economics aren’t working.

We’re already talking to the Daily and Sunday Mirror about marcher-related stories and features and if last March is anything to go by there’s bound to be loads more interest from a variety of media outlets as 20 October approaches.

So we’d be grateful if you could spend a few minutes to see if any of your friends, family or trades council delegates might fit the bill. Perhaps you might also be able to send a version of this email to your work-related contacts in unions or in other organisations to help get the message out or put an appeal for case studies on Facebook? We’re sending this appeal around our contacts in union communication offices for example.

So how can you help us? As you’d expect we’re looking for a wide variety of people from all across England and Wales who might be coming on the march for a multitude of reasons perhaps because they’re:

  • Young unemployed people, who despite sending off numerous job applications, have yet to find work
  • Young people who have left college or university and are working, but only part time and in jobs that don’t use their full potential
  • First time marchers who are so angry about what the government is doing that they’ve decided to join us on the march
  • Public sector workers who have been made redundant or whose jobs are at risk of redundancy as a result of spending cuts
  • People whose local services – libraries, SureStart centres, youth clubs for example – have been axed or cut back severely
  • Working for voluntary sector organisations who are struggling to meet demand as the need for their services increases but at a time when their funding is being reduced
  • Several generations of families coming on the march, who’ve each been affected by austerity in some way
  • Families who’ve lost out from cuts to welfare benefits or who are likely to be affected next year when cuts to disability benefit or child benefit come into force
  • People affected by the cuts in Birmingham (the Mirror is keen to do a feature to tie in with the Conservative Conference on Sunday).

If you’ve got someone or ideally several people in mind, please call Alex, Rob or Liz on 020 7467 1248 or email us your suggestions on lchinchen@tuc.org.uk or arossiter@tuc.org.uk, heading your message ‘Case study appeal for A Future That Work’. Alternatively send them to me and I will forward them on. Someone from the TUC Communications and Campaigns Team will then make contact with your potential case study, and talk them through what is required. If at any stage they decide that talking to journalists is not for them then of course that would be the end of it, but if they were happy to become case studies we would never give out their number to the media, but would check with them each time that they were happy to speak.

Thanks in advance for your help
Tom Mellish
Policy Officer
Organising and Recruitment Dept
Trades Union Congress


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