Join Birmingham PCS Disabled Members on Saturday to Say Stop Attacks On Disabled Workers

On Saturday, Birmingham PCS disabled members will be doing a soup kitchen stunt and leafleting session in Birmingham City Centre, calling for an end to attacks on disabled workers & people.

Saturday 8th September

By Waterstones, corner of New Street and High Street, city centre Birmingham

Remploy workers on strike in July

Disabled workers have come under attack from this government, with thousands of workers being made redundant as Remploy factories close – 90% of Remploy workers made redundant in the previous cuts two years ago have been unable to find new work as the recession increases competition for remaining jobs.

As part of the cuts to welfare, disabled workers face losing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) as it gets changed to Personal Independence Plan (PIP) – with a reassesment test that will be run by ATOS, the IT company that has been the focus for protests against the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) assessment for Employment Support Allowance (ESA).

Banner at the Closing ATOS Ceremony in London

Banner at the Closing ATOS Ceremony in London

Disability campaigners, the British Medical Association and many charities have branded the WCA as unfit for purpose, saying that it doesn’t properly assess someone’s fitness for work and needs to be suspended and heavily amended.
The fear is that the PIP assessment process will be handled in the same way – with the aim being to reduce the amount of money paid, not assess properly whether someone needs the extra support, which is often what allows them to stay in work. DLA is a vital benefit for many people, and recently a number of paralympians told the Guardian what DLA means to them

Rising unemployment affects disabled workers more, as they find it harder to get back into work. Once they have lost their job they will find themselves either on Jobseekers allowance, or in the WRAG group on ESA. If they are in the WRAG group, they may soon face unlimited workfare assignments, along with increased sanctions if they refuse.

So on Saturday, come and join PCS disabled workers to protest and help build for the Tory Conference demonstration on Sunday 7th October.

accessibility information: New Street and Moor Street train stations are the closest, around 500m from either station. Both stations are wheelchair accessible. The nearest bus stops are the ones on Moor Street Queensway. Please check the Network West Midlands website for details of bus routes.
Accessible toilets are available within 100m of Waterstones in the Bull Ring and Pavilions shopping centres.
The event is to be held outdoors.



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