Don’t Cut LGBT People Out! – Report from our Meeting

Following the success of the Pride is a Protest! bloc at Birmingham Pride on 2nd June, we held a meeting called Don’t Cut LGBT People Out, with Geoff Dexter speaking about how cuts are affecting LGBT people in particular.

Geoff spoke about how cuts are affecting LGBT people, and the resistance that is growing within the LGBT community, and the need to link liberation struggles to the fight against austerity:

The formation of groups such as Queers against the Cuts and Queer Resistance in London and large protests and vigils held in defiance of serious hate attacks point towards a small but growing tendency that recognises that our fight for liberation is far from over, that our issues are inextricably linked to the wider struggle against austerity and for an alternative and that our lived experiences do not match the formal equality that has resulted from our struggles … The gap between this formal equality and our lived experience systematically runs through every aspect of our lives, and this is exposed by the rise in hate attacks and by the cuts

You can hear the whole speech here, or download the text if you’d prefer to read it:

The speech was followed by a good discussion, which unfortunately didn’t come out very well on the recording, and a resolution to continue to build links with LGBT community groups, to unite their continued struggle with ours and connect with those suffering at the sharp end of the austerity agenda.

Many of the facts that Geoff mentions in his speech were included in our previous post about this meeting, and can be read here.

Our next meeting will be on Monday 9th July, and we will again have a speaker, either on disability benefit cuts & the olympics, or on the upcoming housing crisis, followed by a discussion about the subject.

Everone is welcome to these meetings, which last around 1 hour and are followed by a 30-45 minute organising session for Birmingham Against the Cuts.



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2 responses to “Don’t Cut LGBT People Out! – Report from our Meeting

  1. Hello, I am beginning to write about Social Housing and the LGB&T ‘communities’ – planning a WordPress blog on and around this subject by the Autumn – I would very much like to hear from anyone else interested in this subject
    I was at Birmingham Pride and helped out on the Anchor Trust’s stall {as a resident} and, as someone only {sic} 56, and a fairly recent rentee with Anchor … it was a very interesting learning experience!

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