Birmingham Pride is a Protest! – Organising Meeting

Organising meeting for students, trade unionists and community groups and campaigns to organise for Birmingham Pride on the 2nd June.
Tuesday 29th May, 7pm at Birmingham UNISON, 19th Floor, McLaren Buidling, 48 Priory Queensway, Birmingham B4 7LR

Students have an open invitation to trade unionists, anti cuts groups and community campaigns to join them to keep alive the traditions of Pride as a Protest! This meeting is to help groups to make arrangements to march together and protest together over issues of common concern.

Last year thousands of people lined the streets of Birmingham as the largest Pride parade for years weaved its way through the city centre – organisers say that the event was attended by some 100,000 people over two days. The Midlands LGBT Coalition teamed up with the NUS LGBT group to form a Pride is a Protest! bloc that was met with large cheers as it passed through the streets. This was vital in ensuring the mood of Pride was also political, despite being remaining heavily commercialised. Unfortunately many of the other community groups, organisations and trade unionists were disconnected from this bloc by commercial floats.

Our struggle for LGBT liberation is far from over as the government embarks on biggest single attack on ordinary people since the great depression. Cuts and austerity hit LGBT people hard. It is vital we reclaim our tradition of Pride as a protest – what it was orginally designed for- and bring them alive to meet the biggest challenges we have faced in a generation.

This meeting is open to all trade unions, community groups, campaigns and organisations that support LGBT liberation and would be like to take part on the day.

Speakers include: Trish Clinton National NUS LGBT Committee


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