Lansley Heckled at ICC as Demonstrators Gather Outside

Around 60 people gathered at the ICC in Birmingham on Tuesday 15th May, as Lansley was expected at a NICE conference being held at the ICC. The demonstration was called by Save Our NHS West Midlands and Keep Our NHS Public, the demonstration attracted wide support from other organisations, NHS workers and everyone else who uses the NHS.

Save our NHS West Midlands and the Birmingham Mail both reported on the event, which took place under the cover of the entrance to the ICC at centenary square as we sheltered from the rain (having missed the hail storm thankfully).
At one point police asked demonstrators to move out from underneath the cover, a request that was roundly refused on the basis that we didn’t want to get caught out by the weather! You can watch some videos of the protest by Birmingham Citizen TV.

Of course, Lansley didn’t pay us a visit on his way in to the conference. Still hurting from the heckling he received at the RCN conference on Monday, and perhaps mindful of this incident, Lansley decided not to take the opportunity to try to defend the fragmentation and privatisation of the Health Service his NHS bill is bringing, nor to explain why he is seeking 20% efficiency savings in the most efficient health service in the world, how staffing cuts have led to the use of workfare labour in Birmingham hospitals, or why he supports regional pay, which 99.2% of Nurses voted to oppose.

However, when Lansley spoke inside, he was heckled over his decision not to release the risk register
He and the rest of the coalition will find it increasingly difficult to avoid the backlash to their disliked and harmful reforms as patient care suffers like it has at this Birmingham Dialysis unit.
Perhaps it is because this will not be an isolated incident that Lansley has vetoed releasing the risk register, a decision the Information Commissioner says “is unjustified and departs from policy” and may have far reaching implications for freedom of information in the UK.



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3 responses to “Lansley Heckled at ICC as Demonstrators Gather Outside

  1. Fred

    Of course he didn’t stop to talk to you. You were protesting on Tuesday; he was speaking on Wednesday…

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