Public Sector Pension Strike – 10th May 2012

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30th Nov Strike Demo

PCS, UCU and Unite will be on strike on Thursday 10th May, in protest at the government’s ongoing attempt to slash public sector pensions in order to pay for the bank bailouts.

In Birmingham, there will be lefletting on Hospital Way, at the QE Hospital from 12noon, followed by a joint strike rally from 1pm.
The rally will be held in Lecture Theatre Room 101, Haworth Building, University of Birmingham (see the flyer for a map).

Coaches are running from around the midlands, and are free. Solidarity delegates from student & community groups are welcomed, but priority will be given to PCS, UCU and Unite members.

Birmingham – Town Hall, Victoria Square. Midlands TUC 0121 643 4342
Worcester – Elgar statue by Guild Hall. Steve 07545 838 690
Dudley, Merry Hill, Stourbridge, Halesowen. Dudley TUC 07795 410 261
Telford, Wolverhampton. Debbie 07881 823 211
Coventry – Tile Hill, Spon End, City Centre. Ian 0773 664 6554

Fair pensions for all – don’t make teachers, nurses and public sector workers pay for the bankers’ crisis


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5 responses to “Public Sector Pension Strike – 10th May 2012

  1. representingthemambo

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  2. Reblogged this on Gogwit's Blog and commented:
    I wish the UCU, PCS and Unite best wishes and good luck for orderly and peaceful protest on 10 May. I question whether this action, taken in isolation makes strategic or tactical sense and feel concern that it will erode support for all public sector workers including the many not mandated to strike on 10 May.
    But I support the cause, the right to act in defence of that cause, the right to dissent by withdrawal of labour and hope your ranks are full, your strike solid.

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  4. D Yang

    Does slashing public sector pensions mean that the tax payer contributes less?

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