Local Election Pledges Returned

In advance of the forthcoming Birmingham City Council Elections on the 3rd May Birmingham Against the Cuts wrote to all candidates for their position of 5 pledges:

  • To support the campaign to oppose the privatisation of our leisure services (as advertised in the European Journal), and to work to ensure that no other public services are privatised, outsourced, or mutualised.
  • To support the campaign to oppose any reduction in local library services (including opening hours)
  • To support the campaign to oppose any closures in our Children Homes, Nurseries and Sure Start centres
  • To support the campaign to oppose the reduction in Connexions and Youth Services by working to re-open offices for young people in the areas of highest unemployment and arguing to reinstate pre 2008 funding levels as youth unemployment reaches record levels.
  • To support the campaign against public service job cuts and to ensure quality public services are delivered to those in need. I will fight for the services women, disabled people, black people, LGBT people, young people and elderly people rely upon as they are disproportionately affected by the cuts.

The following candidates have signed up to all 5 pledges:

ACOCKS GREEN, Ben Rubery, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)
ACOCKS GREEN, Chris Whitehouse, UK Independence Party (UKIP)
BORDESLEY GREEN, Uzma Ahmed, The Labour Party Candidate
BOURNVILLE, Lynne Habermacher, Communities Against The Cuts
HANDSWORTH WOOD, John Tyrell, Socialist Labour Party
HANDSWORTH WOOD, Malti Dhiman, Liberal Democrat
KINGS NORTON, Christopher Hughes, Communities Against The Cuts
KINGS NORTON, Ged Hickman, Green Party
LADYWOOD, Hazel Clawley, Green Party
NORTHFIELD, Brett O’Reilly, Labour Party Candidate
SHELDON, Alan Crawley, Green Party
SOHO, Shangara Bhatoe, Socialist Labour Party
SPARKBROOK, Peter Tinsley, Green Party
SUTTON TRINITY, Ulla Grant, Green Party

No responses were received ANY Conservative Party candidates

It is disappointing that only two responses were received from the whole of the Labour Group who are currently in ‘opposition’ to the current Con-Dem coalition but are only have 6 seats from having an overall majority in the Council.
(since posting this, a third response has been received)

For more details of their responses, including further comments please check out the spreadsheet here. If you cannot open an XLSx file, you can read additional comments made by candidates by clicking here

Update: the 2 Labour candidates who signed our pledges won their seats, as did Lisa Trickett who repleid with a statement.

In addition a statement was received on behalf of the following Green Party Candidates

ACOCKS GREEN, Amanda Baker, Green Party
ASTON WARD, Ankaret Harmer, Green Party
BARTLEY GREEN, Adam Round, Green Party
BILLESLEY, Anna Masters, Green Party
BORDESLEY GREEN, Huw Davies, Green Party
BOURNVILLE,Joe Rooney, Green Party
BRANDWOOD,Jane Bradshaw, Green Party
EDGBASTON, Bill Van Marle, Green Party
ERDINGTON WARD, David Owen, Green Party
HALL GREEN, Charles Alldrick, Green Party
HANDSWORTH WOOD, Hugh Williams, Green Party
HARBORNE, Phil Simpson, Green Party
HODGE HILL, Anne Okole, Green Party
KINGSTANDING, Tony O’Sullivan, Green Party
LONGBRIDGE WARD, Susan Pierce, Green Party
MOSELEY AND KINGS HEATH WARD, William Lilley, Green Party
NECHELLS WARD, Janet Assheton, Green Party
NORTHFIELD, Kirsty Axe, Green Party
PERRY BARR, Coline Marriott, Green Party
QUINTON WARD, Peter Beck, Green Party
SELLY OAK, David Toke, Green Party
SHARD END, Tracie Hammond, Green Party
SOHO, Steven Austin, Green Party
SOUTH YARDLEY, Rianne Ten Veen, Green Party
SPRINGFIELD, Ian Jamison, Green Party
STECHFORD & YARDLEY NORTH, Eric Fairclough, Green Party
STOCKLAND GREEN, Elly Stanton, Green Party
SUTTON FOUR OAKS, David Ratcliff, Green Party
SUTTON NEW HALL, Samantha Winsper, Green Party
SUTTON VESEY, James Orford, Green Party
TYBURN, Lee Moore, Green Party
WASHWOOD HEATH, John Bently, Green Party
WEOLEY, Ross Axe, Green Party

Dear Godfrey and Caroline

Thank you for your letter about the cuts planned by this council in the delivery of our public services. As the ONLY party standing across the whole of Birmingham committed to delivering high quality public services publicly we are delighted to back all your pledges. With elected Green Party Councillors at County and City level in Norfolk the Green Party has been leading the way in saving Youth Services across the County in spite of the cuts of all central governments. In Brighton again we are fighting to resist the joint actions of Labour and Conservatives who want us to cut these vital services. These are the actions of Green Party councillors that you can expect if we are elected in Birmingham on 3rd May.

Whilst some of our candidates may wish to respond to you individually not all are able to do so. Please take this response from all of us in Birmingham Green Party.

We look forward to your members support on 3rd May.

Phil Simpson, Co ordinator Birmingham Green Party

Lisa Trickett, who is standing the Kings Heath and Moseley ward for the Labour Party has replied with a statement of general support. The attached spreadsheet will be updated asap.

Come along to the Birmingham Against the Cuts meeting tonight 6pm at the PCS union office, New Oxford House, 16 Waterloo Street, Birmingham B2 5UG. There will be an opportunity to discuss the responses we have received. PCS have also invited us to attend their Candidates Question Time event at the Council House 6:30 – 8:30. All parties have been invited – this will be an opportunity to challenge the political parties and candidates over these issues.



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