Austerity Isn’t Working: Budget Day Protest

2.67 million people are now unemployed in the UK. Austerity is not working. On Wednesday 21st March, George Osborne will unveil his next budget, which we already know will continue to follow a policy of austerity, a policy which is failing the people of the UK and Birmingham.
On Wednesday 21st March, we will join PCS, Unison and Right to Work to protest these policies and call for the alternatives to cuts. Come to Victoria Square at 4pm, to form a dole queue stretching out from the council house.

Perhaps you are one of the 31,000 NHS ringfenced staff who have lost their jobs in the past year, or one of the other 270,000 public sector workers. Maybe you are one of the million 16-24year olds who cannot find work, or a private sector worker whose company has closed due to the recessions caused first by the bankers and then by austerity.
Female unemployment is at its highest since 1988, and women make up 80% of those who lost their job in the last quarter.

Locally, austerity has directly cost around 6,000 council jobs, and 28,000 public sector jobs in the West Midlands. Birmingham has amongst the highest unemployment rates in the UK, with Ladywood and Hodge Hill constituencies vying for first and second place, with rates at 11.5% and 10.1%.. Youth unemployment in Hodge Hill is at 28.4%.

Join us, dress in your old uniform if you can, or make a placard telling us what austerity has cost you, or how many people at your workplace, sector, area, gender, age or race have lost their jobs.
Wednesday 21st March, 4pm, Victoria Square, B1 1BB

Accessibility information:
Event is outside and will last for 1-2 hours. Step free routes to Victoria Square are available from Snow Hill (approx. 1/2 mile), New Street and Moor Street (approx 3/4 mile), and from the main bus stops.
There is a single use and accessible public toilet in Victoria Square, with additional accessible toilets available in Paradise Forum, Pallisades and Pavilions shopping centres, within 1/2 mile of Victoria Square.

You can view and download PCS leaflet about the event by clicking here

Download and print Birmingham Against The Cuts Leaflet to be handed out on the day by clicking here

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  1. Reblogged this on Gogwit's Blog and commented:
    Wonder if the Big Screen will be broadcasting budget analysis so that the assembled can learn what else is in the pipeline to swell their numbers (after all you – sorry, we – are all in it together) and what Osborne has in his box to make life just that little bit less bearable.

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