S.O.S: Save Our Shelforce

Shelforce is a supported factory that has been providing employmentfor adults with disabilities for over 27 years.
Shelforce is a manufacturing facility that produces PVCu and aluminium windows and a range of other products. Employment gives disabled people a positive focus in their lives and prevents them from becoming entrenched within their disability. They achieve a sense of pride and a feeling of holding a meaningful place within society.

For many years Shelforce has been generating a surplus for Birmingham City Council (BCC). However, due to a lack of support from BCC in developing the business and securing contracts, both internal and external to the council, Shelforce is now unable to trade to its full potential.

Shelforce is a unique supportive environment which caters for the development and support requirements of individuals who have various disabilities, including learning, physical, sensory and mental health. Shelforce as a supported factory does not focus on disability, it concentrates on ability which has proven to become a model that has succeeded in providing meaningful employment for disabled people.

As a career recently said

Shelforce was a last chance for my son to stay in employment as he had tried to work for external employers and it did not work out purely because there was a lack of understanding around disability and not enough support was available to cater for my son’s needs”

The sad reality is that if disabled employees lose their jobs at Shelforce they will probably never gain employment again.

Unison and the Shelforce members call upon the council to show a commitment to positive disability employment by continuing to invest in Shelforce and Forward 4 Work.

You can support them by writing to:
Councillor Alan Rudge
Council House
1 Victoria Square
B1 1BB

Or email your local councillor through Write to Them.

Join us and Shelforce on Tuesday 7th Feb from 5pm for the lobby of the council meeting, at which they will discuss next years budget, which is expected to make over £100m in cuts, instead of investing in services & business like Shelforce and the people who work for them.
Attend and invite on our facebook event

Here is a model letter you can use:

Dear Councillor

I am writing to you in support of the staff and service users at Shelforce and Forward 4 Work.

I understand it is the council’s intention to close or cut the services in these areas and put disabled people out of work.

I would call on you to support the staff and services they provide at these sites by rejecting any proposals leading to cuts in training or employment for disabled people.


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