Lobby of Council Meeting, 7th Feb

Birmingham City Council’s next full meeting is on Tuesday 7th Feb, from 2pm to around 6pm-7pm.
At this meeting the budget for 2012/13 will be discussed. This budget will contain over £100m of cuts, in addition to the £212m cut from the current year.
After the sham of a consultation process, at which numerous motions were passed (and seemingly ignored) condemning the cuts, and calling for any level of cuts to be matched by cuts to the pay and expenses of senior council officials and councillors, it is important that we attend the meeting and continue to pressure the council over cuts. The budget will be voted on in March.

We will hold a demonstration outside the council house, and put as many people as possible in the public gallery. Last year, the gallery was full very early on and remained that way through the meeting.
Please Attend and invite on our facebook event

At this meeting we will also hand in our library petition.

The demonstration will begin at 5pm, when we will be joined by Shelforce workers and supporters, and we will be there until the meeting finishes (which may be at 6pm, but is more usually between 6:30pm and 7pm), so come and join us after work.

If you are free for the afternoon though, why not go and sit in the gallery and make sure your opposition to cuts is known to all in the chamber.


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