Report and Videos from our Public Meeting on 24th November

Last night a succesful meeting was held at the Council House, building for the public sector pension strike on 30th November.

For the first time, we’ve recorded the speakers, so that you can see their whole speech. Unfortunately during James Anthony’s speech, my memory card ran out of space and I had to grab someone else’s phone to finish the recording, so a bit is missing from his. Let us know if you like this, or prefer the older style of report with a few quotes and pictures.

The first speaker was a Venezualan union leader. Egle Sanchez delivered a message of solidarity, speaking about how Chavez’s government is one for the people, and explaining that there had been 40% pay rises for public sector workers this year.

Afterwards, Joe Morgan, the regional secretary for GMB talked about the pensions issue specifically:

Sian Ruddick from PCS spoke about pensions and the strike in the civil service:

After these first speakers, there was some time for people from the floor to speak, and the meeting heard from the Save Charles House campaign, Mary Pearson and Stuart Richardson

Christine Blower, General Secretary for NUT went through the strike in numbers, some interesting facts in here

Sarah Barton, from Hands off Bournville School spoke about the threat to the public education system of academies, and their succesful campaign

Then back to the floor for more speakers, hearing from Graeme Horne, Charles Reagan and Charlie Friel

The penultimate speaker was Paul Mackney, former general secretary of UCU, who talked about the disparity of wealth in the UK, alongside pensions issues.

The final platform speaker was James Anthony, from Queen Elizabeth Hospital Unison branch. Unfortunately, during his speech my memory card filled up, so there is a bit of a gap in his speech.

There was enough time for some final speakers from the floor, and we heard from Bob Whitehead, Geoff Dexter and GMB rep from Connexions (whose name I didn’t catch – please let me know 🙂 )
Again technical issues meant that this got cut in two, and a bit of Geoff’s contribution was lost.

A good meeting, with much information about the public sector strikes, the videos are well worth watching.
Photos from Geoff Dexter


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