30th November Strike Ballot results rolling in

Over the past few days, more unions have announced a yes vote for strike against changes to pension schemes that will see public sector workers paying more and working longer to get less.

Today, the NAHT, which represents head teachers, announced their ballot result, with 76% voting yes on a 54% turnout. This will be the first strike in the 114 year history of the union, showing how serious the impact of pension changes will be. With NAHT representing heads in many primary and secondary schools, this ballot result ensures that there will be widespread school closures. We would encourage pupils to join teachers on picket lines or at rallies and demonstrations around the country, in order to help link up education struggles against school budget cuts, privatisation, the scrapping of EMA and the attacks on pensions.

Earlier this week, NISPSA (Northern Ireland public servants union) and EIS (Scottish Teachers Union) also announced positive ballot results.

Further results are to be announced over the next two weeks – if you have recieved a ballot paper, we urge you to vote yes and return it as soon as possible.

We are gathering together as much information as possible on our 30th November Strike pages, including a page which lists ballots and results.
We need your help with these pages – please let us know if your workplace will have a picket, tell us why you are striking, or why you support the strikes if you are not a public sector worker.

On 30th November, join the biggest strike since the general strike of 1926, and contribute towards the struggle against austerity.


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