Mass public sector strike day, 30th November

30th November could see 3,000,000 public sector workers on strike over pension reforms that will see them pay more and work longer to get less.
These reforms are being made to pension schemes that have been audited as affordable, and which produce annual surpluses. The cuts are being made in order to reduce the deficit, which was created by the financial crash of 2007. It was not teachers, doctors, nurses, civil servants, council workers or any public sector workers who caused this crisis, but the coalition government is making them and us pay for it rather than the bankers and corporate system that did cause the crisis.

Go to our new set of pages on the strike, where you can read about the pensions issue, the strikes and why you should support them. This is a work in progress and over the next few weeks we will publish articles about the strike, pensions and the public sector.
We would love to hear from you – tell us why you are striking, or if you are not a public sector worker why you support the strike. Either comment here, or email and we will publish your comments.

We will also be doing our best to pull together all the events of the day, from pickets to demonstrations to rallies, and mapping them out. If your workplace will have a picket, please let us know so we can add you to the map.
It is likely that many schools will close on the 30th November, this information will be available from your school or the council. If your school closed on 30th June, expect it to be closed again, as NUT and ATL are out on strike again, and this time NASUWT and NAHT (the head teachers union) are also balloting for strike.

On 30th November, join the biggest strike since the 1926 general strike.


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