Council Community Forum, Kings Heath, Nov 9th

These forums are the opportunity for us all to have our say about the Council’s proposed budget for next year. Please make every effort to be there to make our views known. The Sutton Coldfield meeting managed to get a motion passed at the meeting opposing the budget for 2011-12. I have pasted a copy of the motions below – we could do the same or similar next Wednesday. They then sent a copy of the motion to the press.

Wed 9th Nov Kings Heath Community Centre 6.30 – 8.30pm

8 Heathfield Rd Kings Heath

Buses: 11, 50, 50A, x50, 35 Free on site parking

Resolution 1

This meeting opposes all the cuts Birmingham City Council is proposing in the 2012/13 Budget.
It further calls for the reinstatement of all the cuts in the 2011/12 budget in particular reversing the massive pay cuts (up to £5,000 a year) being imposed on many City Council workers.

Resolution 2

The official rhetoric on the cuts is that we are all in this together. In line with this establishment line it is agreed to support the following.
The percentage cut in the 2012/13 budget agreed by the Birmingham City Council will be the same percentage cut in Councillors allowances and pay of the Chief Executive and directors of the Council’s departments.
For example if the Council agrees a 10% cut in services for Birmingham people, the allowance of the Council leader and the pay of the Chief Executive will be cut by 10%.



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