No cuts, no to unemployment! Birmingham Jarrow March public meeting

Support the Jarrow March For Jobs as it visits Birmingham

75 years ago, unemployed men marched from the north east to London to protest against the lack of jobs. Today, with official unemployment close to 3 million, young people are being forced to do the same.

1000 gather in Yorkshire in support of the Jarrow Recreation Marchers

Youth unemployment recently topped 1 million, the highest level since the Tories were last in power, making the importance of the Jarrow March recreation even greater.
Over the course of October the Youth Fight For Jobs campaign is staging a recreation of the march, demanding that instead of cutting public services, the government and local councils should instead embark on a programme of massive job creation.

Wednesday 19th: public meeting in Birmingham, 7:30pm, the Briar Rose Hotel, Bennetts Hill (off New Street), with Jarrow marchers and local trade unionists. Please let your friends on facebook know about this meeting by attending the Facebook event, inviting people to it and sharing it on your wall.

Also, on Saturday 22nd: regional protest as the march visits Coventry. Birmingham activists will be meeting to catch the train at New Street at 11am, in time to reach the demo at 12 by Coventry Cathedral.


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