Defend Education, Fight Privatisation national Demo, Nov 9th

On Wednesday 9th November university and school students will once again take to the streets, one year after the demo that saw an occupation of the Tory HQ at Millbank, and created a real spark that kicked the anti-cuts movement into life.

Although the demonstrations did not prevent tuition fees or fully prevent EMA from being scrapped, they came close, provided inspiration for the wider anti-cuts movement, and showed us that there is a whole new generation of polticised young people.

Attacks on education continue with privatisation being the main theme at the moment, as free schools (and academies as a first step) in primary and secondary education, and through increased tuition fees, emphasis on marketisation and encouragement of private universities in higher education.

To fight against these threats, NCAFC called a national demonstration. This was quickly backed by the Education Activist Network and School and FE Students against the cuts (who have called for nationwide walkouts by school students on that day). Since then, the NUS has backed the demonstration, and it has received the support of various trade unions.

There will be coaches running from Birmingham. Details of the coaches are to be confirmed, but it is expected they will cost £5-£10. If you would like more info, or to book a place call or text 07988 056 867. There are coaches available for students being run by University of Birmingham Guild of Students, and a coach from Stop Fees and Cuts in Birmingham which is available to anyone.

We would encourage workers to join the students in solidarity and a recognition that their struggle is our struggle. One of the most common chants at the student demos last year was “students and workers, unite and fight”. We know it’s on a Wednesday, but if you can book the day off and go along, it would be great. Even better, book the week off and go down to London on the 5th for the Youth Fight for Jobs Jarrow Recreation March London demonstration, and stay there for Wednesday’s action, spend a couple of days sight seeing or visiting friends.

In the meantime, if you’re on Facebook, attend one (or all) of these events, and invite your friends to come along:
School and FE Students Against the Cuts


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