Birmingham Guild: Reinstate the Vice President Education

Edd Bauer was arrested on Friday the 16th of September after unfurling a banner at the liberal democrat conference saying “Traitors Not Welcome, Hate Clegg Love NCAFC”. He has been constantly fighting to defend education through grass roots campaigning which he pledged to do in his manifesto

Along with two other activists, he was held in police cells over the weekend, and was then held on remand for a further seven days before being released on bail on Monday 26th September (the other two activists were released on bail by the magistrates court on Monday 19th).

On Tuesday 27th of September Edd Bauer was suspended as the vice president of education “indefinitely”. Stop Fees and Cuts Birmingham are calling for Edd’s reinstatement to his position with immediate effect and are calling for national mobilisation.

On Wednesday 12th October, from 1pm-4pm, there will be a demonstration in Mermaid Square, Guild of Students, University of Birmingham, calling for Edd to be reinstated and subject to a democratic process with the possibility of him being removed from office, just as he was democratically appointed to the office.

Please bring placards and banners and lets show Birmingham Guild of Students that the Banner didn’t bring the Guild into disrepute this illegitimate and undemocratic process of suspending a democratically elected representative is what is bringing the guild into disrepute!

This is a serious issue for student union democracy across the country – not just about Edd. If student union bureaucrats get the idea that they can sack any officer they don’t agree with, then our right to campaign and elect our representatives freely is under threat.

This is also an issue for anti-cuts campaigners. Edd is being attacked by the university because he has been so active in campaigning on campus against tuition fees (David Eastwood, the vice-chancellor, sat on the Browne Review which decided that £9,000 fees were the right way to go), course cuts, job losses and real-terms pay cuts at the University of Birmingham.
He has also been active in the struggle against cuts outside of the University.
It is important that anti-cuts activists in Birmingham come to this demo in solidarity with Edd, to help defend him against these attacks.

If you are on Facebook, attend this event and invite your friends.


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