Transport to the Lib Dem & Tory party conference demonstrations

EDIT: Please this this post with updated details for transport

If you are looking for transport to the conference demonstrations – the Lib Dems in Birmingham on 18th September  and the Tories in Manchester on 2nd October, then Right to Work will be organising coaches from around the country, and hopefully trade unions will also organise some, along possibly with other local anti-cuts groups.  If people know of coaches coming to Birmingham on the 18th September, please let us know and we will list or link to them here.  Either leave a comment on this post, or email

This being a blog focused on Birmingham, I’m assuming most readers will be more interested in knowing about transport to the Tory party conference demonstration, in Manchester on Saturday 2nd October.  At the meeting earlier this week it was agreed that unions, and hopefully the national TUC, along with anti-cuts groups and campaign groups like DPAC would work together to provide coaches to the demonstration.  If you are interested in going and would like to know more about coaches, please email with the subject message “Tory Conference Demo Coach Enquiry” (it’ll make it easy for me to search and find everyone I need to email when more details come out).

At the moment there are no details other than there will be coaches going from Birmingham though.


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